“Kairos FMS is a very efficient tool for me and a must have for facilities managers. Whether I’m buying a chair, relocating an office or space planning an existing facility. All it takes is one phone call and they take care of everything!”

Mike Anderson
Facilities Operations Manager

"At Kairos FMS you'll find a place where the customer, finally, comes first."
Most furniture dealerships are manufacturer driven, surviving on high volume furniture sales. These dealerships have general services to ensure that the furniture sale, installation, and billing are successful, though this in itself is not enough.

Customers with potential furniture projects generate a lot of attention from the furniture dealership community, although meeting service needs is not usually a priority unless matched with high-volume sales. It’s obvious that this model doesn’t really work for the long term benefit of the customer.

Kairos FMS employs the most knowledgeable professionals with over a century of combined expertise in the commercial furniture and furniture management services.

We’re different because we engage with customers, work on sustainable service programs and surpass customer expectations. We identify the most effective service organizations, train them in Kairos Performance Standards, certify their processes and establish management contracts with each.

Kairos FMS has a unique pricing structure based on the Kairos Work Performance Standards. Our proposals include projections of man hours, with local hourly rates agreed upon with the customer. Specific site conditions which affect service performance and cost are identified and defined clearly. Our customers always know what to expect in time and performance costs.

At Kairos FMS, you’ll find a place where the customer, finally, comes first.


Mission and Commitment:
Provide the most effective and experienced strategic planning resources and the most efficient service programs in response to every customer request.

Accept full responsibility and accountability for all aspects of relocations and furniture projects from strategic planning through management, execution and completion.

Attribute equal importance and urgency to small office expansions or closures at the same level as large projects.

Emphasize service excellence, cost avoidance and environmental responsibility at all times.

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