Asset Management and Liquidation Services

Kairos FMS employs best in class technology tools to assess and maintain your furniture inventory. We will establish value in terms of financial and functional performance. We will recommend and manage consolidation of a base inventory to support your internal churn management and reconfiguration needs. We will document cost avoidance through each redeployment of your existing furniture assets.

We will recommend and implement specific programs to manage your non-performing inventory assets to maximize financial returns and minimize environmental impact:

  • Employee sales and donations
  • Non-profit (501c3) sales and donations
  • Marketing and Sales initiatives including:
    • On site personalized sales programs
    • Web-based sales programs with regional and national focus
    • National Brokerage Networking
    • Auction Programs
    • Refurbish and Remanufacturing solutions
  • Recycle programs with land fill avoidance documentation

We have directed redeployment and liquidation of assets programs for organizations such as Verizon, Experian and others on a local, regional and national basis. These requirements have included incorporation of multiple locations with multiple inventories, as well as programs to vacate real estate leases in a timely and cost effective fashion.

At Kairos, we welcome the opportunity to review and discuss your asset management and liquidation needs. We will work closely with you to develop effective programs and processes specific to your business requirements and your organizational culture.

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